We’re broke, therefore the NFF sets requirements for paying the Super Falcons’ outstanding debts

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The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has acknowledged that it is “broke” while the dispute over unpaid fees with the women’s national team rages on.

The football house claims that in order to release the money, additional payments from FIFA are required.

A former Super Eagles media representative named Colin Udoh made this announcement on Twitter.

He claims that the NFF has already written to the federal government to request funding.

“Late last week, I spoke with NFF President @IbrahimMusaGus1,” Udoh posted. I questioned him on a lot of things, including the unpaid bills for the Super Falcons.

He admitted that the NFF is bankrupt but will nonetheless pay them out of the federation’s portion of the World Cup revenues. Additionally, he said that although their request for funds from the FG had been accepted, it had not yet been distributed.

The phrase “approval is not the same as release” is well-known to anyone who has interacted with the Nigerian government (federal or state).

“After reading the statement from @FIFPRO, I also met with another senior NFF official today. And he assured me that their participation makes no difference.

“Once any of those two funds comes in first, the players would receive their due payments.

“He said that since then, the NFF had not received any funds and that their last payment from FIFA had gone toward paying Peseiro and Waldrum’s salary, two national team coaches, in part. Additionally, that the FIFA cash had already been set aside for paying the outstanding player debts.

The NFF and Randy Waldrum have been at odds over unpaid salary and bonuses.

This prompted the international players’ union, FIFPRO, to issue a statement of support on Tuesday. The organization stated that it was disappointing that players felt the need to criticize their own federation at such a crucial moment.

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