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“I still have feelings for my ex-wife, Lilian Esoro” – Ubi Franklin

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Actress Lilian Esoro, Ubi Franklin’s ex-wife, is the object of his affections, the music mogul has disclosed.

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This was revealed by the former artist manager in a recent Instagram conversation with followers.

“Are you still in love with ur son[‘s] mom, the most beautiful Lilian?” a curious admirer enquired.

Franklin answered, “Oh yeah!” Our son is our joint child, and love will always exist there.

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In answering a more inquisitive admirer, he disclosed that he intends to be married again.

“Do you have plans to remarry?” the fan inquired. Franklin answered, “100%,” to that.

After having their baby in 2015, Franklin and Esoro were married and then divorced a year later.

Esoro’s initial divorce application was turned down by the Lagos High Court. Franklin then filed in Abuja, and on January 28, 2021, following years of back-and-forth in court, their marriage was formally dissolved.

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