Use of firearms: sportsmen in Osun must follow hunting regulations

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Osun Command’s police commissioner, Mohammed Umar Abba, has issued a warning to hunters and the public at large about the dangers of gun violence.

The need to comply with the regulations of the hunting expedition forced the Command to act, as Abba warned that such a wicked act of carelessness would not be laughed off.

The command’s spokeswoman, Opalola Yemisi, issued this warning on behalf of the Osun Police boss.

According to Umar, the constant reports of pistol misfiring and unintentional discharge have made the warning necessary, since they have caused injuries and fatalities on multiple occasions.

In light of the numerous incidents of accidental discharge or misfiring of firearms that have resulted in human casualties and injuries of varying degrees, the Osun State Police Command feels compelled to issue a warning to the general public and hunters in particular regarding the safe use of firearms while hunting.

“Hunters are being reminded by the Police Command to follow the rules of the hunting expeditions through this medium.”

Additionally, the Command cautioned hunters against keeping loaded firearms in their houses, as doing so could attract curious youngsters or anybody else to play with the weapon.

To lessen the risks of unintentional firing, which is extremely harmful to human lives, they should also refrain from loading their gun(s) in populated regions.

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