protesting and pleading with the government to save the kidnapped don

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Doctors in several areas of Cross River State have voiced concerns about their safety, citing security authorities’ failure to save Prof. Ekanem Ephraim, 64, of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, who was abducted 20 days ago while attending to patients.

Speaking to a 460play reporter, they bemoaned the state’s unrest and questioned whether the administration intended the few of them still in it to leave the nation.

To bring attention to their plights, the doctors took to the streets in Calabar on Tuesday despite the intense downpour.

They have committed to demonstrate every day and to occupy government buildings in order to put pressure on the government to recognize the need for proactive security measures for people and property.

Dr. Ebri, one of the protesting physicians’ leaders, declared, “We can say that we are missing Ayade already. In this sort of circumstance, he was really receptive.

It has been 20 days after the kidnapping of our senior colleague, a mother. If she is still alive, can you even begin to fathom the agony and suffering she must be going through right now in some forests?

“We are all concerned about our safety. We have no idea who might be taken next.

“We want to state that this protest will take place every day. To make the administration aware of the need to improve public safety as well as our own, we will even occupy the State House of Assembly or other official buildings.

Another physician claimed: “We fear some influential hands may be supporting these kidnapping enterprises. But for us, it is a nightmare.

Dr. Felix Archibong, the state’s chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, urged to the authorities to step in and save Prof. Ekanem Ephraim, adding they have been anxious and restless.

In a letter to Governor Bassey Otu, Archibong claimed that the doctors had been left extremely upset by the abduction of their coworkers.

The medical world has been greatly disturbed by this unusual and sad occurrence of Prof. Ekanem Philip-Ephraim’s kidnapping, and we stand in solidarity with her family during this difficult time.

“The Nigerian Medical Association Cross River State requests your assistance in safeguarding the security and safety of all doctors. We also call for prompt action to secure the release of our colleague who has been abducted.

“Furthermore, we implore you to seek the dispatch of a top-notch team from the Inspector General of Police to address the kidnapping threat in our state immediately.

To increase efforts to stop criminal activities, including kidnapping, in the state, an effective security organization akin to Operation Akpakwu should be established right away. These preventive steps can assist safeguard citizens’ lives and property while fostering confidence among Cross River State residents.

Additionally, we want your immediate help in hastening the approval and implementation of the anti-kidnapping law in Cross River State. This measure would provide victims and their families with justice while acting as a potent deterrent to those who would commit such horrible crimes.

“Your Excellency, we are confident that your exemplary leadership can significantly impact how we approach this pressing security issue. We are confident that you will move forcefully to put public safety first and safeguard the priceless contributions of experts like Prof. Ekanem Philip-Ephraim, according to the letter.

Doctors have been reassured by state deputy governor Peter Odey and state assembly speaker Elvert Ayambem that the state administration is not dozing off over the regrettable situation.

I want to ask you to be more patient, Odey said. The situation is well under control thanks to the government and security organizations.

“We completely comprehend the pain you are all going through, especially since our loving mother is your coworker. We find it to be quite moving as well.

“This government has prioritized security above all else.”

The Speaker praised the doctors for their peaceful demonstration and asserted that they had the right to do so. He urged restraint while assuring everyone that Prof. Ephraim would soon be released.

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