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Nnamdi Kanu is not associated with criminals, Ekpa challenges Emma Strong

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Popular separatist and activist for Biafra, Simon Ekpa, claimed that Igbos are not committing crimes to secure Nnamdi Kanu’s release.

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The Biafra Republic Government in Exile’s Prime Minister, Ekpa, a lawyer based in Finland, revealed this on Friday in response to Emma Powerful, the factional spokeswoman for IPOB.

Recall that Powerful set requirements for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to meet in order to alleviate the Southeast’s insecurity.

Ekpa pointed out that Kanu is unrelated to the criminal underworld in the southeast.

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He claims that Biafrans are not committing crimes in the area to demand Kanu’s release, but are instead engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience.

He said that the southeast’s high level of crime has nothing to do with stay-at-home.

The demand for Kanu’s release prior to July 30, 2023 was reaffirmed by Ekpa.

“Ignore these thieves posing as the IPOB. There is no connection between South East Asian criminals and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Biafrans are not agitating for Kanu’s release by criminal activity, he said; rather, they are doing it through acts of civil disobedience.

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