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Youths will not succeed in cybercrime, says the head of the EFCC

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Youths in Nigeria have been cautioned not to pursue careers in cybercrime by Mr. Ola Olukoyede, Executive Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

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The chairman delivered the order during a courtesy visit to the Commission’s corporate offices in Abuja by the executives of the Committee of Youth Mobilization and Sensitization (CYMS), led by Chief Obinna Nwaka, according to a statement released by the EFCC spokesman, Dele Oyewale, on Friday.

Olukoyede acknowledged that some young people have intelligence and competence, but he advised them to use their gifts for meaningful work rather than online scams.

Therefore, he reminded the public and pertinent stakeholders of the commission’s commitment to save the youth from derailment while also urging them to work together to stop the nation’s cybercrime epidemic.

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“We must not allow our youths to derail,” he declared. Over time, we have let it and witnessed the devastation. Some of our young people are intelligent and talented.

“All that has to be done is educate them on how to use their abilities for worthwhile endeavors. Cybercrime is out of business.

Olukoyede repeatedly emphasized the value of the EFCC in Nigeria and expressed concern about what would happen to the nation if the agency were to cease operations for a month. He also expressed sadness for the dehumanizing treatment that Nigerians abroad had to endure as a result of the negative perception that certain people had of the nation.

“Let everyone understand that this is not a fight for ourselves,” he urged. It is for the country as a whole, and it is for the kids. Just consider the consequences if the EFCC is inactive for a month.

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See the dehumanizing treatment Nigerians receive by traveling overseas. Because of the negative perception that some of our young people hold,Because of the negative image that some of our teenagers have generated for the nation, they pull you out of the line and give you a thorough search. Nigerians require the EFCC.

Additionally, he denounced public officials who refuse to take responsibility for their stewardship, claiming that such actions bygone with impunity have fostered corruption in the nation.

Nonetheless, the group’s anti-corruption posture and efforts to steer young people away from cybercrime were praised by the chairman.

Nwaka, who had before praised the EFCC for its zeal in combating corruption and ensuring the future of Nigerian young, expressed frustration with the organization a few days ago after learning that – “There are young people in Nigeria who want to protest and don’t care about the future of their generation.”

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He praised Olukoyede even more for the commission’s efforts to stop naira mutilation.

“Only when we have someone who is steadfast and unwavering in a cause can what you are doing to restore respect for the naira succeed,” he declared.


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