The reason my ex-girlfriend ended our relationship was because she “pecked” me. It’s Spyro!

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Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, better known by his stage name Spyro, is a singer from Nigeria. He recently said that his ex-lover in Canada dumped him because he pecked a female acquaintance.

The ‘Who’s Your Guy’ singer revealed that his breakup was “quite painful” and that it turned him against Canada.

He remembered that before to the event, he had already purchased an engagement ring in order to pop the question to her.

His pastor gave him a series of texts, and he claims to be “healed” today.

Spyro sent a message to his Instagram account reading, “Canada Today I would want to tell the truth…

I was still reeling from a devastating breakup with one of your girls when I decided to keep this tour going.

Sad because I thought we may have a future together…she abruptly broke off our engagement after I purchased her a necessary item; I wanted to be honest and informed her about my friend’s peck, which set in motion a chain reaction that ultimately led to the breakup.

“A sequence of messages from my pastor helped me overcome my hatred of Canada and everything associated with it.”

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