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“How Davido’s bridal shower party surprised me” – Chioma

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The soon-to-be wife of musician Davido, Chioma Rowland, has described how the singer surprised her with a wedding shower.

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On Sunday night, videos from Chioma’s bridal shower surfaced. In one of the videos, the cook was seen explaining how her fiancé organized the celebration without telling her.

She clarified that Davido had tricked her into leaving the house by claiming they were heading out to dinner, but in reality, they were attending her bridal shower.

“Let me tell you a story,” she said. David mentioned we were going to eat, and I am aware that this is an event center.

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“He was attempting to pinpoint the precise location, and upon exiting the building, he inquired about something, to which I responded, ‘This is not a restaurant.'” My desire to eat is sated. When I saw balloons, I screamed immediately.

According to the 460PLAY, Davido announced a few days ago that he and Chioma will wed in Lagos on June 25.

The unveiling of the Afrobeats artist’s pre-wedding images with Chioma on Sunday night sent social media into a frenzy.

Davido had earlier said that only those invited would be allowed to attend his wedding.

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