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“After my ex broke my heart, I felt foolish” – Victonia

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Anthony Victor, better known by his stage name Victony, is an Afrobeats artist who has opened out about his heartbreak.

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During an interview with actress Chinasa Anukam on the podcast “Is This Seat Taken?,” Victony talked about how learning the truth about his ex-girlfriend’s connection with another man made him feel “stupid” and “mad.”

He clarified that it turned out that his ex-girlfriend was cheating on him with the other guy, despite her lies about the other guy being only a friend.

“She [my ex-girlfriend] was talking to this other guy and I knew it,” the singer stated. She was relating this other guy to me. I was quite receptive, thinking that this guy was only her friend.

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“She told me he was her friend, but he kept coming up.” What kind of friend is this one, I’ll ask myself.

It became clear in the end that he was not her friend. That was really annoying as I felt so foolish when I realized what was happening.

According to the 23-year-old, the heartbreak occurred when he was considerably younger.

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