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Chichi sues Phyna for N100m for character defamation during the BBNaija reunion

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Chichi, a former housemate on Big Brother Naija, has filed a lawsuit against Phyna, a coworker, for defaming her reputation.

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According to 460play, Phyna raised a number of accusations against Chichi during the recent BBNaija reunion.

Phyna said that Chichi is much older than she claimed and that she abandoned her children in Benin, which resulted in the death of one of them.

Through a Snapchat post, the BBNaija season 7 winner also claimed that Chichi had a liposuction procedure for N3.5 million and had poisoned a friend in Cyprus out of envy before returning to Nigeria.

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In a lawsuit filed against Phyna that was cited on social media, Chichi referred to the claim as false, defamatory, and harmful to her brand.

In the case, Chichi sought N100 million in damages, Phyna’s public apology, and a court order prohibiting her from uttering any further defamatory remarks against her.

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