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The government of Ebonyi has paid out 2,099 retirees’ bonuses

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The gratuities of 2,099 retirees from 1996 to 2023 have been approved by the Ebonyi State Government.

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Jude Chikadibia Okpor, the commissioner for information and state orientation, made this information available to journalists in a statement she released in Abakiliki on Sunday.

On Thursday, May 9, 2024, the last payment of 256 retirees from 1996 to 2021 was made in full, for a total gratuity of 394,000,000 Naira (N394,907,784.91).

Additionally, 277 retirees from 2022 and 2023 were approved and paid gratuity throughout the seven-day operation, totaling one billion, thirty million, nine hundred and seventy-two thousand, eight hundred and seventy naira and five kobo (N1,030,972,870.05).

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A total of 2,099 retirees have had their outstanding gratuity balances settled by the Ebonyi State Government, which amounted to five billion, thirty-six million, two hundred and eleven thousand, one hundred and four naira and six Kobo (N5,036,211,140.6) from the date of the state’s establishment in 1996 until 2023.

One thousand five hundred and sixty-four kobo (N3,610,330,485.64) was paid out to 1,566 retirees who had patiently waited for their entitlement from 1996 to 2021 by the Nwifuru administration in the first phase of the exercise, according to a further breakdown of the total sum and beneficiaries.

In the second phase, 533 retirees were approved and given a gratuity of 1,425,000,000 Naira ($1, 425,000,000) for their services.

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