“Take me to court”—Abbo defends accusation against judges while facing sack as a lawmaker

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Elisha Abbo, a former senator and congressman, has dared his detractors to sue him over allegations that several justices and judges bribed their way through electoral litigation.
Before the Court of Appeal removed him from parliament, Abbo served as senator for the Adamawa North Senatorial District.

Accusing justices of taking bribes to skew the flow of justice, Abbo asserted after his dismissal that the election had been unfairly canceled at polling units where he had received the plurality of votes.

According to 460PLAY, he faced harsh criticism from several attorneys over his bribery claim. Some of these attorneys demanded that he apologize for leveling such a “weighty allegation” against the judges or face legal consequences.

But Abbo challenged his detractors to a lawsuit at Monday’s Abuja press event, claiming he has proof to support his bribery accusation.

Show me the courtroom. I am prepared to sue you for defamation if you refuse. I have no fear of appearing in court. I am not easily frightened. “People know me for being fearless when I speak my mind,” he declared.

Abbo stated that he had petitioned the US, UK, and EU to restrict corrupt justices’ visas while he awaited a response to his appeal against several justices before the National Judicial Council.

He asserted that the fight against corruption in Nigeria should extend to the judiciary, claiming that certain judges and justices are engaging in judicial banditry or a coup against democracy by unjustifiably voiding the elections of individuals who were legitimately elected by the Nigerian people.

“We must stand up against judicial banditry both inside and outside the country. The afflicted judges and justices should not be allowed to enter the country and their families should have their visas revoked as well.”

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