Tragic automobile collision claims the life of son of prominent Anambra businessman IKB Igboanugo

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The death of a son has been reported by prominent Nigerian businessman Chief IKB Igboanugo in the US.

This information was revealed by Igboanugo, owner of IKB Industries Limited, in a social media post.

Like his wife, he has been traumatized and has not been himself since the occurrence.

“A drunkard who fell asleep while speeding on the highway, jumped his lane to the opposite direction and hit with speed force on the driver’s side door where my son was, as he was driving home from work,” Uzochukwu Igboanugo explained, providing details about the son’s death as an American ophthalmologist.

In his words, the son was a single man of 32 years of age. Uzochukwu was an exceptional young man; he was cheerful, bright, clever, kind, loving, gregarious, and compassionate.

“At 32 years old and single, he persisted through my persistent prodding until he graduated from ophthalmology, the most challenging medical specialty in the history of medicine.

God alone has the power to decide everything. No parent is immune to the devastating impact of losing a kid, thus no matter how bad your child is, you should always hope that you don’t lose any of your children.

Following my doctor’s warnings, I have been suffering from emotional and psychological anguish since his death. Equally absent has been my wife.

I pray that no one who hasn’t lost a kid will never have to go through what I’m about to describe. Please don’t wish this kind of grief on your greatest enemy. A catastrophe, it is a living nightmare.

God took you this early because you are now working for Him, my son Uzochukwu. While your spirit is embraced by God in Jesus’ name, he wrote.

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