Informants are more dangerous than actual bandits, according to Ahmed, chief of the Northwest Army

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It would be very difficult to put an end to banditry operations in the northwest until bandits’ informants are destroyed, according to Brigadier General Sani Ahmed, commander of the Nigerian Army’s 1 Brigade, which is responsible for Sokoto, Kebbi, and Zamfara States.

This was said by Ahmed on Monday during a public speaking engagement with a few chosen schools in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State. He added that bandits’ informants are still deadlier than the actual robbers.

He claimed that informants give bandits information on how to carry out their nefarious acts and that they also provide the criminals with food, petrol, and other necessities.

He bemoaned that although the bandits’ informants are locals who reside in the area and socialize with other community members, they are the ones who provide them with information and instructions on how to target their own towns.

The same blooms that the ants are consuming also serve as their homes, according to the author.

However, Ahmed insisted that the military had no intention of disclosing its plan for neutralizing the rampaging bandits and their informants and that doing so would put military men in jeopardy.

However, he asserted that drug misuse is the primary cause of crime, highlighting the fact that the majority of criminals are drug addicts and noting that these individuals have already sold their souls to the devil.

The military commander for the Northwest region counseled parents to always watch their children’s whereabouts and instill principles.

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