Recurring long lines at Kwara gas outlets

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Ilorin, capital of Kwara State, is experiencing a severe gasoline shortage.

On Saturday, the 460PLAY conducted a poll in Ilorin and found that very few gas stations actually sold gasoline to drivers.

This has led to the return of lengthy traffic jams in the capital of the state.

As a result of this new development, the few gas stations that sell the product will charge extortionate, arbitrary pricing at the pump.

Major marketers charge between 625 and 650 Naira per liter, while smaller marketers charge between 750 and 1,000 Naira per liter, all depending on the region.

Reportedly, the pump price has climbed to N1,000 and higher, affecting customers outside the state capital as well.

The arbitrary hike in the price of petrol has also led commercial transport companies to raise their charges.

Once priced at N100–N150, even short trips in the capital of the state now cost N200 and over.

As of this report’s publication, DAILY POST’s attempts to contact authorities of the DPR in Ilorin have not yielded any results.

Meanwhile, one of the stations’ managers informed DAILY POST that the product’s lone importer, NNPCL, is experiencing a scarcity of supplies.

They were patiently waiting for Dangote Refinery to start distributing gasoline, he added.

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