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Eight people are killed when a flood washes Pythons and other dangerous sea reptiles into Niger Delta communities

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The devastating flood that has closed off parts of the East-West Road has continued to wreak devastation in towns along the River Niger’s bank.

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Devastating floods have continued to batter Niger Delta villages, in what appears to be a very awful development.

In reality, the floodwaters have now carried pythons and other reptiles into the neighborhoods, increasing concern among locals.

According to Vanguard, many are now fleeing for safety for fear of being slaughtered.

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The devastating flood that has closed off parts of the East-West Road has continued to wreak devastation in towns along the River Niger’s bank.

The flood killed at least eight people and wrecked crops and buildings worth millions of naira in the state.

Meanwhile, some East-West Road travelers have been stranded, while others have used boats to cross to the other side and board trucks to continue their journeys.

Mr Eugene Uzum, Director General of the State Bureau of Orientation, said this while providing an update on the flood situation in Asaba yesterday, lamenting that vehicles filled with relief materials destined for victims in destroyed towns have been stuck by the devastating water.

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Uzum, who confirmed the death of a large python in Patani, asked residents who live in flooded areas to relocate. He lamented that the victims had to fight with deadly sea animals released as a result of the river’s overflow in addition to the flood.

“Trucks transporting relief items to that axis have been detained,” he said, adding that the flood has inundated one stretch of the East-West Road’s Ughelli-Patani axis. We now employ speed boats to get inside IDP camps and distribute supplies to victims.”

He said 4,755 people, including men, women, children, lactating mothers, pregnant women, and people with disabilities, had been registered at the camps across the state, lamenting that the flood had affected 19 of the state’s 25 local government units.

“We want to sympathize with the flood victims,” Uzum stated. We applaud their courage, as well as their adherence to the government’s previous warning to evacuate flood-prone areas.

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“As of today, the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC) has stepped in and opened two camps.” The interventionist agency has also been constructing canals to allow free flow of water.

“Through the 2022 flood management committee, the state government has also created ten functional IDP camps in various places to provide temporary housing for displaced residents, with the possibility of opening more.”

“The committee also established distribution points from which humanitarian items would be sent to IDP camps.” We are working with traditional rulers and community leaders to rescue individuals and provide assistance.”

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