Osun REC, Agboke: How BVAS Sanitized Nigerian Elections

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The Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) is still one of the innovations that are bringing sanity into the country’s election process, according to Dr. Mutiu Agboke, the Resident election Commissioner for Osun State at INEC.

Additionally, Dr. Agboke emphasized that BVAS remains the country’s election game-changer.

When members of the Osun Online Publishers Association paid a courtesy call to the INEC state office on Thursday, the Osun INEC REC made this known.

He asserted that everyone is aware that BVAS is bringing rationality to the election process. In the time leading up to each election, we will continue to refine and enhance the public’s understanding of the BVAS INEC.

No slacking on our part. The engagement will go on as planned because of its significance.

According to Agboke, it is still usual to experience issues like vote buying and electoral violence when campaigning.

Buying votes is still a horrible cankerworm, he declared. The truth of violent campaigning is not being faced by those involved, and they are not letting it go.

They have to learn this before they can stop taking donations from the people who are helping them out, therefore we have to keep talking to the people. We must address their moral compass.

Before campaigning in Osun State began, he took the chance to lay out his goals for the future.

“Voter education is an ongoing effort. We will soon begin visiting media houses around the state.

Certain things have surrounded our electioneering process, and the public has to know that we should not let them happen.

The political parties will be involved. Starting on May 15th, we will be visiting various political parties. Go meet with their top brass and have a conversation with ourselves.

By demonstrating that we are capable of having these kinds of conversations, I hope to liberalize the engagement process. At ward meetings, congresses, and political rallies do they engage with members and educate the voters?

“We must guarantee their utmost adherence to the rules we have established in light of our designs, as well as our technology, their operational procedures, and the establishment of trust.”

Interacting with all the key stakeholders is an important responsibility of INEC, he added, since it is the body closest to the electorate.

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