NLC declares there will be no retreat from the strike and nationwide mass demonstration

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The Wednesday planned statewide protest has not been canceled, contrary to rumors spread by the Nigeria Labour Congress, or NLC.

Online rumors claimed that the union decided to cancel the planned protest after meeting with government representatives.

However, the NLC stated it had “neither reconsidered nor suspended the nationwide mass protest” in a statement on Tuesday night by its President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, encouraging Nigerians to disregard the rumor.

Ajaero disclosed that the union met with government representatives on Tuesday to further advance its demands as the impact of the elimination of fuel subsidies deepens misery across the country.

He claimed that because no consensus could be achieved, the meeting came to an end in a deadlock.

We must inform all Nigerians that we have just left a meeting with the federal administration in which we attempted to persuade them to pay attention to the needs of the country’s citizens and workers.

“However, the outcome of this meeting earlier today did not change anything or the course that we have set for ourselves tomorrow as stewards of the interests and desires of the workers and people of Nigeria.”

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