Western Countries Encouraging Japa and Granting Young Nigerians Visas Is Wicked – Amosun

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Former Governor of Ogun State, Gov. Aosun, has spoken out about Nigerians fleeing the country in search of greener pastures.

HE said, “I’ve heard about it, and the tales are terrifying.” All of our youths and young talents are leaving Nigeria in search of greener pastures, and prospective countries are handing them visas to exit the country without taking the origin country into account.

What concerns me the most about all of this is the increase in emigration. Foreigners will not be able to fix our country if all of our citizens depart. I regard the countries that provide visas to our youths to be immoral since they do not consider the origin nation from which their potential labor force is coming. If you ask our people who have left the country for greener pastures, they will tell you that they do not intend to return to Nigeria. If you look closely at the situation, you will notice that our lawyers, accountants, and, most notably, medical practitioners make up the majority of those departing the nation. However, we cannot blame them; instability is one of the biggest issues driving our people out of the country. You would agree with me that our folks are not lazy and are always eager to work hard. The majority of migrants are forced to leave the country due to poor governance, an unstable economy, insecurity, and other issues. I am confident that Nigeria will rise again, but recent stories of migration have disappointed me.

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