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Kogi United names a new head coach

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Yusuf Salihu, the previous manager of Apex Krane, has been hired by Kogi United as its new head coach, and Chidi Oji has been promoted to technical consultant for the team.

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Kogi United’s chairman, Abdulmalik Isah, welcomed the new head coach at a brief ceremony on Monday in Lokoja. He urged him to use his wealth of expertise for the team, noting that his prior employment and track record speak for themselves and were the reasons for his hiring.

Yusuf Salihu was chosen from a lengthy number of coaches, according to the team manager Mallam Tijani Ibrahim, because of his discipline as a person with military experience and his familiarity with the Nigerian football landscape.

Absolute discipline, according to him, is a fundamental component that helps an organization achieve its goals. He hopes the new coach will instill this quality in the team both on and off the field.

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The new coach thanked the team’s management for appointing him and pledged to fulfill his commitment.

Salihu claimed it is upsetting to witness a significant Club like Kogi United FC struggle virtually annually, particularly in the league.

In order for an organization to produce the best results, he vowed: “Commitment, loyalty, cohesion, dedication to duty, trust, and a very good working relationship are few basic ingredients needed. I promised we would be aggressively determined and dedicated to duty, which, in turn, will yield good and positive results.”

He committed to collaborating closely with the technical adviser and other members of the technical team to make sure Kogi United earns its place in the Nigerian football community.

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According to Chidi Oji, a recently promoted technical adviser, the coaching staff will work diligently and closely this season to avoid the mistakes of the past.

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