Home News I don’t want pregnant women like my coworkers. Chike

I don’t want pregnant women like my coworkers. Chike


Popular Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka, a singer and actor from Nigeria, has said that his objective is to avoid having a baby mother.

In a recent interview with The Cable Lifestyle, he revealed this.

When questioned about the popularity of baby mamas in the entertainment field, the artist said that having children outside of marriage was not his desire.

Chike added that anything may be sensational when asked how he managed to avoid them. Just how you handled it matters.

“I have nothing against it, really. Most folks weren’t doing it on purpose. Maybe I’ve just been fortunate to settle on a middle ground where no one exaggerates things.

“My intention is to prevent that, but if it does, we will accept it as it is,” the speaker said.

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