Governor Sule bans ethnic vigilante groups in Nasarawa

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Abdullahi Sule, governor of Nasarawa state, has, at the recommendation of the state’s security council, banned any ethnic vigilante groups and like organizations operating within the state.

Kungiyar Zaman Lafiya Nomad Group, Eggon Vigilante, Bassa Vigilante, and others are all proclaimed to be unlawful societies in this proclamation that was made under an Executive Order.

Any group that engages in vigilante operations in the name of one of these organizations is likewise encompassed by the Executive Order. It also include any organization whose stated goal is to employ force to maintain peace and order among the several ethnic groups residing in Nasarawa State.

In his statement, Governor Sule used his authority under Section 97A of the penal code to warn of the threat these groups represent to effective government in the state.

The state Commissioner of Police must be notified within two weeks of any affected groups’ failure to comply with the proscription order issued on April 15. This includes the return of all weapons and clothing.

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