I break down in tears when I run out of content ideas – Nasboi

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Lawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji, better known as Nasboi, a well-known musician and maker of skits, has admitted that he cries when he lacks inspiration for new content.

The creator of the skit revealed this recently when appearing on TVC’s program, ESplash.

Despite his many talents, he stressed that it might be difficult for him to come up with creative ideas, adding that sometimes this can last for three weeks.

I don’t have scriptwriters, Nasboi declared. I came up with every one of my skits. I am everything.

“People portray it as though you are so talented that inspiration just comes to you. Oh, it’s a lie.

“There are occasions when I stay for up to three weeks and receive no content. Many people are not very emotional, yet I tend to have strong emotions. So I cry when I’m not satisfied. I’m not telling you lies. As awful as that. I’m thinking, “Ah!” Dem don’t take my skills. Nothing has amused me in the past two weeks. It occurs.

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