Charly Boy is worried about Tinubu’s “unannounced” trip to London

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Charles Oputa, better known by his stage name Charly Boy, is a maverick singer who has voiced his worry over President Bola Tinubu’s health in the wake of his recent unexpected visit to London.

Following his attendance at the World Economic Forum in the Gulf nation, President Tinubu allegedly departed Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for London, England, as reported by 460PLAY.

From the time he took out from Nigeria on April 23 for the Netherlands, Tinubu has been in transit.

People are still reacting to Tinubu’s surprise journey to London and the president’s silence on the matter.

In response, Charly Boy questioned the president’s well-being.

The president was “over heating the country with very fake and twisted lies,” he said.

Tinubu ought to step down as Nigeria’s president, in his opinion.

“Come oooo,” Charly Boy posted on Monday on his X account. El presidente es quien? Does he seem to be okay?

The country has been stoked by Tinubu’s propaganda machine, which has spread distorted and falsehoods, but rhetoric cannot replace sound economic policy.

“Peter Obi, is he really causing this kind of suffering for Nigerians? Na Peter Obi expose the APC’s hollowness, will he?

Has disingenuous propaganda become the weapon of choice for the APC across all political spectrums? Their minions will stop at nothing to discredit and destroy anybody they view as an opponent, regardless of their ethnicity or religion. The worst of these cruel people have continued to hit Obi.

This is Nigeria’s downfall. Stop wasting your time and quit, Tinubu.

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