Govenor Adeleke requests that banks open Osun’s shuttered branches

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Ademola Adeleke, the governor of Osun, has urged bank CEOs to reopen closed branches in all of the state’s municipalities.

The Governor gave the banks reassurance that a new Sheriff had arrived.

According to 460play, numerous bank branches in the state closed their doors due to security concerns after the state’s gubernatorial election on July 16, 2022.

Urban Alert, a civil society organization, has also expressed concern in 2022 about the closure of many bank branches in the state.

Former Governor Adegboyega Oyetola’s lack of political will to address the issue was the cause of the development, according to Urban Alert.

The group asserted that banks in the state’s West and Central regions were closing their doors because of the problem of insecurity, and that Osogbo, the state capital, was the only town in Osun Central where banks could operate without fear.

In addition, 460play had written about bank robberies in Okuku, Ikire, Ikirun, Iree, and other places.

Attacks on bank branches in these towns also resulted in the deaths of onlookers and Nigeria Police officials.

Speaking on Friday during the opening of First Bank of Nigeria’s renovated Ede branch, Governor Adeleke said his administration had revised the state’s security architecture to better protect important towns and communities.

“The reasons for the bank branches closing in Ila, Iree, Ikirun, Iwo, and other districts of the state are no longer valid. Banking operations can be done safely in Osun.

“I appeal to the top bank executives to reopen your branches. Osun is underbanked; many communities still require physical offices even with digital applications.

“I just started the state’s sustainable industrial policy. I urge banks to work with us to accomplish this. We want the private sector to expand. Financial institutions should find this to be positive.

“We are getting a lot of interest from investors to enter the Osun market. The enabling environment is being created by us. Bank presidents ought to join us.

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