Wike orders illegal residents of Technology Village to leave Abuja, saying, “I’m not impressed.”

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The region along Airport Road, where the projected Abuja Technology Village is located, has been asked by Mr. Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), to be vacated by any unauthorized residents.

The order came from Wike during his Monday visit to the region in Abuja.

The minister of innovation, science, and technology, Mr. Uche Nnaji, was in attendance with the former governor of Rivers State.

An ultimatum to vacate was issued by the minister, who added that the local indigenous community had been compensated since 2015. He went on to say that he would instruct the Department of Development Control to do just that.

What I am witnessing does not impress me. We have the political will. People will stop believing in the possibility of anything if you do nothing.

In order to get these individuals to leave, I shall issue a stern ultimatum by calling the Development Control Department. Since 2015, they have received payment.

I want the illegal immigrants to know that we will remove them without hesitation. “No amount of campaigning can deter us from doing what is right,” he declared.

With the use of a fence and a visible presence, Wike urged the Abuja Technology Village administration to seize control of the area.

He elaborated by saying he wanted Nnaji to come with him to the site so he could survey the area and find ways to attract investors.

Wike requested a cost estimate for the construction of a suitable office from the Technology Village administration.

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