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Native Americans from the Ugborodo federated communities in Delta State’s Warri South-West Local Government all agreed that the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) and them are on the same page regarding the Petroleum Industry Act’s (PIA) current laws and implementation.

They steadfastly maintained that they do not oppose “the Olu of Warri, the Palace, and/or the other Itsekiri communities.”

A mass meeting was conducted in the town hall in Ode-Ugborodo, and a public statement outlining the views of the community was released.

Alex Eyengho, a community leader who read the public statement on behalf of the community, observed that Ugborodo natives overwhelmingly supported their earlier chosen name, “Ikpere Host Community Development Trust (Ikpere HCDT), for the implementation of the PIA.”

Eyengho asserted: “Ugborodo Community remains steadfast on the insistence that the PIA’s current laws and the accompanying regulations of the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) must be adhered to religiously in order to implement the PIA, particularly when it comes to the composition of the trustees, management committee, and advisory committee members.

The NUPRC has informed the settlers (Chevron, Shell, and other international oil companies (IOCs) operating in Ugborodoland) that they and the Ugborodo community are on the same page regarding the crucial issue of adherence to the relevant laws and regulations guiding the implementation of the PIA in all ramifications.

“The Delta State Government’s actions in the ongoing dispute over the implementation of the PIA in the Ugborodo community have only gone as far as promoting peace in the region and giving the Ugborodo community advice on how to resolve its own issues.

“Ugborodo Community upholds her former, already-in-the-public-domain position that it does not in any way conflict with the Olu of Warri, the Palace, and/or the other Itsekiri communities.

“All the Ugborodo community has stated, and will continue to say until tomorrow, is that the PIA must be implemented with strict adherence to the existing regulations, particularly in Ugborodo land. Ugborodo is large enough to have its own distinct HCDT as the host community, without harming other host communities in Itsekiri area who might prefer to be grouped together under one HCDT. The wonderful people of the Ugborodo community have subsequently adopted the Ikpere Host Community Development Trust (Ikpere-HCDT) in order to achieve this and to emphasize its importance. This sums up our unwavering stance on the topic of PIA implementation in the Ugborodo community.

By giving the Ugborodo Community the Ikpere Host Community Development Trust (Ikpere-HCDT) in the interest of peace, an enabling environment, equity, justice, and fair play, we are using this opportunity to give Chevron, Shell, and other settlors operating in the Ugborodo Community as well as the NUPRC a 30-day deadline starting from today, July 29, 2023. After this ultimatum expires, the Ugborodo community will decide its own future, but only within the bounds of the law. A timely stitch can save nine lives.

The community once held peaceful demonstrations to urge Chevron Nigeria Limited, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), and other settlors to engage in discussion with them on the PIA and the name they chose to use, according to 460play

Victor Anyaegbudike, the communication manager for Chevron, did not return calls or messages made to him via WhatsApp or text.

Additionally, calls to the Public and Government Affairs manager at SPDC went unanswered.


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