Bread bakers in Zamfara go on strike over motorcycle ban

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Members of the Master Bakers Association (MBA) in Zamfara State have been instructed to halt bread production until a resolution is reached with the State Government on the prohibition of motorbikes transporting bread.

Motorcycle riders allegedly supplied bandits in the woods with bread, but the Association disproved the claim.

Motorcyclists bringing bread on motorcycles were recently outlawed by the state government, which claimed the riders were providing food to robbers in the state.

The government also outlawed the selling of gasoline in cans, citing concerns that the fuel was being used as a weapon by terrorists planning attacks on civilians.

Speaking to reporters in Gusau, Mallam Habibu, the association’s state financial secretary, said that the union would not restart bread manufacturing until the dispute with the state government was resolved.

To get to the bottom of this, we’ve been meeting with the state government multiple times. The matter will be handled shortly, I am certain of that,” he continued.

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