Two-day warning strike by NLC is over

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The two-day warning strike has ended, according to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

The organization has now ordered all of its members to return to work across the nation.

NLC President Joe Ajaero stated a big step had been made in a statement on Wednesday.

Due to the Federal Government’s failure to abide by its commitments over the removal of gasoline subsidies, Labour went on a two-day statewide strike on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The labor union’s decision hindered economic and commercial activity in several federation states.

We are happy to inform that the objectives stated during our National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, which led to the beginning of this warning strike, have been significantly advanced thanks to your unwavering devotion, Ajaero remarked.

It is obvious that the government has heard our message loud and clear, and it would take a remarkably deaf ear to miss it.

We sincerely request that you all complete the two-day nationwide warning strike politely and report to work the following day in accordance with our original agreement as we mark the end of the strike today at midnight.

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