The PDP nominates Jimi Lawal for governor of Ogun State

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chapter of Ogun state held the state’s rerun primary on Monday in accordance with a court decision. Prior to the general elections in 2023, Otunba Jimi Lawal was named the PDP’s nominee for governor.

The National Assembly and State House of Assembly primaries, according to Penpushing, took place throughout the state’s several constituencies, while the Governorship re-run, which allegedly followed the court’s directive, was held at the DLK Events Center in Abeokuta.

According to the party’s financial secretary, Bola Ademosu, who also led other State Executive Committee members in facilitating it under court order, Jimi Lawal won the repeat poll with 456 votes.

Penpushing adds, “It is recalled that the Federal High Court, Abeokuta, had ordered the State Executive Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun state to hold new primaries within 14 days in two judgments delivered on the 27th of September 2022 in Suit numbers FHC/AB/CS/87/22 and suit number FHC/AB/CS/83/22.”

However, the defendants filed a request for a stay of execution in relation to the two judgments that were decided on Thursday, October 13, 2022, while the defendants/applicants’ request in relation to suit number FHC/AB/CS/87/22 was dismissed and their request in relation to suit number FHC/AB/CS/83/22 was withdrawn (i.e. PDP and Adebutu).

The change, according to Odumosu, opened the door for the State Executive Committee of the party to abide by the court’s ruling while the judgment debtors pursued their appeals, according to Penpushing.

In reaction to the rerun, the State Executive Committee of the party, which is chaired by Acting Chairman Hon. Taiwo Akinlabi, announced the suspension of Lawal and four other party members, namely Hon. Bola Odumosu, AlhajjiAjadi Fasiu, Alhaji Kola Akinyemi, and Otunba Tope Ashiru.

According to a statement made by the party’s publicist, Bankole Akinloye, they have all been suspended for flagrant disdain for the party hierarchy, anti-party activity, and treasonous behavior that could weaken the party’s standing and well-being in the State.

In a prompt response to the alleged suspension, the project director of the Jimi Adebisi Lawal Campaign Organization, Austin Oniyokor, stated that it was nothing more than the sobbing of a beaten and abused premature adult and that it was a case of the voice of Jacob but the hand of Esau.

“The alleged suspension of Otunba Jimi Adebisi Lawal (JAL), the newly elected governorship candidate of the Ogun state PDP, is nothing more than the sobbing of a beaten and abused premature adult. Oniyokor stated, “It is the instance of the voice of Jacob but the hand of Esau.

To be sure, it is a sad commentary on our democracy and the rule of law that a group of lawless people could come together under the command of one of the candidates who had just lost the court-ordered governorship rerun to claim to have suspended party leaders for adhering to ongoing court orders and judgments, he continued.

The absurdity of our political structure and environment is that people who disobey legitimate court decisions and verdicts can later claim to have suspended law-abiding citizens. It is obvious that this disgraceful crime cannot withstand the passage of time and the law,” he said.

“All of their disrespectful actions will be brought before the court, and they will eventually face the full force of the law.

Before then, we want to make a call to all our party elders, followers, and members of the public to maintain their resolve in the face of the pointless provocations. Like others before, this political gymnastics will soon come to an end.

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