Political maneuvering by Governor Yusuf and Kwankwaso in the Kano state – an Islamic scholar

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According to Mallam Isa Ibrahim, an Islamic scholar from Kano State, the current governor, Abba Yusuf, and his predecessor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, are more concerned with pursuing political ambitions than with running the state.

A religious leader has said that Kwankwaso is hell-bent on getting even with anyone he sees as political opponents in Kano State, and that Governor Yusuf is only a “mere errand boy” for him.

Ibrahim allegedly warned his congregation in Tudun Wada, Kano, that the state has seen unimaginable suffering as a result of the risky politics practiced by Governor Yusuf and his godfather Kwankwaso, according to a statement made available to 460PLAY on Tuesday.

There was a recent incident where the people of Kano were told to sit on the sidelines while other states celebrated the accomplishments of their governors over the last year.

The governor of Kano State, Abba Yusuf, and the man who controls the monarchy, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, have made the poor decision to choose petty politics above effective leadership.

There has been nothing tangible result from the present administration’s massive monthly budget from the federal government.

The people of Kano have not even felt the effects of the N5 billion palliative that the federal government sent to each state to help with the costs associated with cutting the gasoline subsidy.

After just a year in office, Governor Yusuf continues to place the blame on the previous government for his shortcomings, even though he has been the one to fall short in building upon Abdullahi Ganduje’s accomplishments.

Evidence of this may be seen in the dismal state of Kano’s infrastructure, which includes its schools and hospitals.

The governor and his godfather, Kwankwaso, are more concerned with politics than with running Kano State.

“From the very beginning of his administration, the governor has consistently shown that,” he asserted.

The claimant went on to say that Ganduje proceeded with the demolition of stores, enterprises, and people’s houses “immediately after assuming office, without looking at government records, simply because most of the properties were developed during his predecessor’s administration.”

Governor Yusuf has decided to stir up an emirship issue in the state to divert attention away from his massive failings as governor, following his failed attempt to pin the blame for his poor performance on his predecessor with false corruption accusations.

Among Kano residents, there is a common belief that Governor Yusuf serves as Kwankwaso’s errand boy.

Appointing the godfather’s children to positions of power and following orders from the outgoing governor are clear examples of this, as the governor himself has demonstrated.

The people of Kano are suffering greatly because of Governor Yusuf and Kwankwaso. Would it be fair to punish the people of Kano just because Kwankwaso was unsuccessful in running for president in 2023? Tinubu defeated him.

Is it worth it to let millions of Kanoans suffer for Kwankwaso’s political ambition? What really matters in government: resolving political grudges or ensuring access to essential social services?

Because of Governor Yusuf and his godfather Kwankwaso, the Kano people have endured enough injustice.

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), which includes Governor Yusuf, has also voted not to support him.

“Governor Yusuf ought to go back and do what’s necessary.

Regarding Kano state, his first order of business should be to oversee the administration. Another thing he needs to keep in mind is that governments come and go.

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