The Niger Assembly asks Gov. Bago to shorten the work week

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The Niger State House of Assembly has passed a motion asking Governor Muhammed Umaru Bago to cut the number of days government servants work. This is because of the problems caused by a recent increase in the price of gasoline in the country.

Hon. Umar Nasiru, who represents the Paikoro Constituency and made the motion on issues of urgent public importance, asked Bago to cut the number of working days to help workers in the state who are having a hard time.

He said that the loss of fuel subsidies was causing too much trouble, so he asked the governor to cut the number of working days for government servants so that they could use other days to work from home for their offices.

“Section 17 subsection 2(c) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria says that government actions must be humane. To this end, I ask the Executive Arm to cut the number of working days in Niger State from five to three. This will make life easier not only for civil servants but for the whole state.

“Governor Umaru Bago is a kind and popular leader, and we think he would hear our request and grant it.”

The lawmaker also said that other states, like Edo and Kwara, have already cut down on the number of working days, so Niger State can do the same.

Other members of the house said that the N30,000 minimum wage is no longer enough for state workers to live on.

They demanded that the state government should come up with ways to help workers in the state deal with the problems they are having before the Federal Government comes up with solutions.

Also, the politicians asked the government to offer subsidized public transportation for the people.

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