Government of Niger calls on educators to address student’s “vulgar language” in debate

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A video of a student in Agaie Local Government Area’s Kassim Primary School using what some have called “vulgar language” during an argument has gone viral, prompting the Niger State Government to summon the school’s headmaster and class teacher.

Abdulkabir Abdulkadir, the student whose video went viral, spoke out against a proposal to make voting in Nigeria mandatory.

He voiced his displeasure with the current political climate and President Bola Tinubu, saying that the latter’s administration has brought suffering to the people of the nation.

Hadiza Mohammed, Niger State’s Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, responded to the video by criticizing the student’s word choice.

She said the video’s material was “disturbing” and that the student seemed to have been instructed to use foul and aggressive language throughout his presentation.

Given the student’s age, the ministry has reached out to the classroom instructor and principal to issue a warning about the dangers of using profanity in the classroom.

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