“The labor strike cost me money, but I still stand by them” – Falz

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Folarin Falana, also known as Falz, is a rapper from Nigeria. He has stated his support for the labor unions’ cause, even if the strike is impacting his career.

Take note that on Monday, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) went on an indefinite strike to get the government to reconsider the hike in power costs for some customers and agree on a new minimum wage for employees.

According to Falz, he was left stranded in Uyo when his return trip to Lagos had to be cancelled because of the strike.

He elaborated that he had also lost the funds from a video shoot he had organized as he was unable to get to Lagos in time for the shoot.

But the rapper has stated his support for the requests made by the labor organizations and that he comprehends the reasons for the strike.

In a video message that he published on Instagram, Falz discussed his morning commute and how he found out about the airport closure and flight cancellations due to the strike. Thanks to Uyo, I would not be able to reach Lagos.

It had an impact on me since I had previously planned to perform a video shoot in Lagos today, but I lost money on the shoot because we had already hired the necessary equipment.

Now we’ll have to pay more. The strike had a profound impact on me, but I support the strikers and can see why they are striking. I am in the workforce. The scheduled time for this strike is really earlier than this.

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