‘How I left my position as a funeral director’ – Destalker, the comedian

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Famous Nigerian comedian Destalker (Oghenekowhoyan Onaibe Desmond) has spoken out about his decision to leave his position as a pallbearer.

The comic had planned to start his own undertaker band and was loving his career, but an unexpected situation forced him to resign.

While he and his coworkers were dancing with a coffin, he said in an interview with TVC that it abruptly split into pieces after they flung it up.

He stated that the encounter left him so afraid that he decided to quit his work.

“I wasn’t carrying caskets when I initially joined the undertaker band,” Destalker stated. The only reason I was dancing was that I am a skilled dancer. Back in the day, I was crowned greatest Makossa dancer on my block.

However, I began transporting coffins after about six or seven months. An incident occurred while I was totally engrossed in it.

I should have my own undertaker band by now, so I’ll tell you why I stopped. We travelled from Asaba to Igbuzo to transport the body of a woman. We were invited to dance with the coffin by the children of the dead as we were about to enter the compound.

Out of nowhere, it broke as we were about to vomit it up. The casket is an imposter.

“That was ridiculous. That is when I realized that being an undertaker wasn’t for me.

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