“Donald Trump is fundamentally racist.” Singer John Legend

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John Legend, a famous American singer, has called former US president Donald Trump a “tried-and-true, dyed in the wool racist.”

Even before he became the 45th president of the United States, he had racist inclinations, he said, highlighting the fact that Trump had excluded Black people from his facilities years before.

According to Legend, the Republican running for president in the United States “clearly believes in the genetic hierarchy of humanity.”

He said that racism is pervasive in his immigration policies.

Throughout his life, Donald Trump has made his belief in the inferiority of Black people quite plain. His belief is deeply ingrained in his mind and body, according to John Legend, who was mentioned on Daily Loud.

You can tell he is racially prejudiced and believes in a human genetic hierarchy from the random remarks he makes; he also refused to let Black people dwell in his buildings in the past.

Thus, he is a racist who has never wavered from his core beliefs. His racist views permeate every fiber of his existence. He has done very nothing to help Black people, and I refuse to listen to him talk about it because, at his heart, he is a racist.

The things he says about immigration and the nations he wants people to come from are mostly white, even when you listen to his comments.

In the first rerun race in the United States in over seven decades, Republican Donald Trump would face Democratic incumbent Joe Biden on November 5th.

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