Students in Ogun criticize the altercation between Gbenga Daniel and Gov. Abiodun and urge for forgiveness

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The National Association of Ogun State Students has criticized Senator Gbenga Daniel, the state’s former governor, for allegedly engaging in a cold war with Prince Dapo Abiodun, the current governor.

The students expressed concern that the criticism was planned as a diversion for the governor, and they insisted that now that the general elections in 2023 have been held, Governor Abiodun needs the assistance of all relevant parties to provide a democratic dividend to the state’s citizens.

Recently, Comrade Ogunrobi Gbemileke, the National President of NAOSS, said in a statement that there was no need to divert the Governor with pointless criticism and a conflict that would instead hinder the state’s progress.

The students expressed their shock at the former governor’s criticism of the Abiodun administration and his admonition to stop interfering with the current Governor’s management of the state.

Following the rupture between the incumbent Governor and Otunba Gbenga Daniel, it has been noted that things haven’t been the same since the end of the most recent general elections.

“This is due to the perception of treachery on the side of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, whom Prince Dapo Abiodun trusted with a lot of expectations to support his aspiration for a second term as governor of the state.

This personal conflict between the two has, regrettably, turned into a state issue, forcing the ruling party and the government to work together to address the important concerns of the good people of Ogun State.

“After observing the course of events, we are disturbed and alarmed that this duo’s personal dispute is developing into a state issue. Division and superiority struggles have proven dominant in situations where unity and a shared will are expected. The state is suffering as a result.

“This does not represent the quality of ‘Omoluabi’ that the Yoruba people esteem highly. We are recommending the former governor to support the current governor as a matter of public interest, as is appropriate for a sitting senator and a former governor.

“The grass on which two elephants are standing suffers when they fight. In the best interests of the community, the people of Ogun State anticipate a holy reconciliation between the two. Our concern is that, should this quarrel worsen, the state—rather than these two people—would lose out. Prince Dapo Abiodun is also urged to hug his pal for this reason by us.

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