St. Archbishop of Lagos: Tinubu’s gasoline subsidy cut was like a bomb going off in the economy

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In light of the difficulties Nigeria is currently experiencing, the Most Rev. Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso, a Catholic archbishop of Kaduna Diocese, has placed the responsibility on President Bola Tinubu for the way he eliminated the fuel subsidy.

Ndagoso argued that Tinubu ought to have eliminated the fuel subsidy in stages rather than a ticking time bomb.

Speaking to reporters at Kaduna’s St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, he scolded Tinubu for letting Nigerians go hungry and urged him to take action immediately.

The government’s poor policies, according to Ndagoso, are to responsible for the economic suffering.

All of the hardship that Nigerians are experiencing, says Ndagoso, is preventable. Their policies, however, are flawed. The issues have been made worse by Tinubu’s policies.

“Tinubu should have done it gradually and not like a bomb blast,” he added, adding that anyone concerned about Nigeria should not have cut subsidies so suddenly.

He emphasized that incompetent leadership was the main cause of Nigeria’s current crisis, saying that the country had never had it so bad.

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