Authorities instruct telecom companies to block numbers that are not associated with NIN

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Telecom companies in Nigeria are under pressure from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to cut off service to anyone whose NIN has not been associated with their phone number by February 28, 2024.

At Wednesday’s 45th Kaduna International Trade Fair, the directive was made by the Executive Vice Chairman of the Commission, Aminu Maida, through the Director of Public Affairs, Ruben Mouka. Maida emphasized that linking telecom consumers’ NIN to their SIM cards was a critical matter of national security.

He was adamant that telecom carriers are still required to deactivate subscribers whose NINs were not linked to their SIM cards by the deadline of February 28.

“All telecommunication operators have been instructed by the National Communication Commission to deactivate the phone lines of subscribers whose numbers are not associated with their NINs by February 28, 2024,” he continued.

As of 2023, the telecoms business contributed 13.5% to the nation’s GDP, according to the NCC boss.

According to Maida, the National Consumers’ Commission (NCC) is dedicated to safeguarding consumer rights and making sure they’re satisfied. Maida also mentioned that the NCC has fostered an environment where everyone can enjoy “affordable and equitable service” and contribute to the country’s economic success.

He explained that the Commission’s role is to oversee the country’s telecoms industry and make sure that all customers, regardless of income level, can afford and use services that are reliable and long-lasting.

Noting that the commission has taken steps to protect the interests of both consumers and businesses, the head of the NCC emphasized the importance of telecom companies putting customers first and maintaining the highest standards of service.

According to him, one of these steps was the NCC’s May 17, 2023, order for all licensed MNOs to start offering services to Nigerian telecom customers using approved Harmonized Short Codes (HSC).

According to him, “the new initiative is enabling consumers using the same codes to access services across all networks.” This means that customers with more than 224 million active mobile telephone lines in Nigeria may now access services more easily.

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