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Government of Kano moves to destroy unlawful structures on waterways

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The Kano State Government has completed measures to address the ongoing problem of excessive flooding the state experiences each year.

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In order to do this, the government has started working with the necessary parties and putting policies in place to find homes that are built on waterways, in right-of-ways, or underneath high-tension cables and to remove them immediately away.

Nasiru Sule Garo, the state commissioner for environment, said a committee has been formed to examine the state’s initial master plan in order to ensure its sustainability while speaking in Kano on the occasion of National Environmental Sanitation Day.

Garo observed that there were only two dump trucks remained at the State Environmental Sanitation office when he took office, indicating poor management of the environmental equipment.

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He said, “The NNPP government has established a committee to recover some stolen goods by the Capegate, and we are still recovering the equipment. Also, don’t forget that the Kano anti-graft commission is currently looking into the matter.”

Nasiru Sule Garo reassured the populace that the government is dedicated to dealing with problems like constructing over drainage systems, power transmission lines, and rights of way.

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