Social media has a lot of power, says actress Kemi Afolabi

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Popular Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi has cautioned the public not to undervalue the power of social media in light of the responses to her online protest.

The actress had written on social media to rally her followers: “Help tag @gtbank it’s been over 3 months that they have held on to my N510,000. Please take appropriate action, @gtbank. I’ve been patient, but I’m worn out.

Afolabi provided an update on the situation in a post on her Instagram page on Tuesday. She revealed how her online protest had a magical effect, causing the bank to refund her hours later.

She thanked her supporters in a post, writing: “GTB Fraud Unit made sure the money I mistakenly deposited to their customer is restored to my account. I appreciate your assistance in tagging GTB.

“My darling! Never undervalue the influence of social media. Thank you everyone.

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