I haven’t bought a camera yet TG Omori

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ThankGod Omori Smith, also known as TG Omori or Boy Director, is a well-known Nigerian music director and cinematographer. He has admitted that he does not own the camera that he uses to shoot his videos.

In his well-known interview with Zero Conditions Podcast, TG Omori revealed that he only has one computer at home, which he uses in his workplace to edit films.

The filmmaker of the video revealed that he always hired the tools he needed to shoot.

When asked about his chosen profession, he stated: “I wanted to study film production, but my parents couldn’t even afford to buy me a laptop, so I switched to performing art because all I needed was to just be present on stage.”

“I learned there is a profession called music video director while I was in school. Additionally, renting equipment is an option if you don’t have any of your own. I haven’t had a camera yet; all I have is a PC in my office that I use for editing,” he continued.

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