Ladies shouldn’t feel as though they are entitled to money from guys they aren’t married to, says Phyna

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Josephine Otabor, better known by her stage as Phyna, won Big Brother Naija Season 7 and believes that women shouldn’t be entitled to a man’s money if they aren’t married to him.

Even in a relationship, according to the reality star, women shouldn’t act as though they are entitled to their spouses’ financial support.

On July 5, 2023, she made the remarks while participating in a live episode of the Honest Bunch podcast.

Phyna, on the other hand, stated that women shouldn’t be entitled to such a gesture and that it is acceptable for a man who has the means to spend lavishly on his girlfriend willingly.

As a girlfriend, I don’t think you should expect a comfortable existence from someone who would never wed you, she remarked. Visit your brother or father if you’re desiring a soft life.

But if God were to butter your bread, he would declare that the man you are with is competent and able to provide for you. Don’t impose it, though.

“If soft life dey hungry you, [as a lady], you have three options: one, go out there and make your damn money, two, go back to your father, and three, go to your brother.”

She urged women to follow in her footsteps, pointing out that she has been working since she was in high school because her dad was indigent and her brother was a kid.

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