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Reach out to field commanders, troops, and the COAS to make sure that enemies are defeated

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Field commanders and troops have been ordered by Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja to adapt and embrace innovation in order to bring the country’s enemies to their knees.

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At Monday’s opening ceremony of the Chief of Army Staff Conference, he told the commanders to think outside the box because the country was going through a more complicated and uncertain time than in the past.

He further emphasized that Nigeria is presently confronting security issues like banditry, terrorism, and kidnapping, among others, and he encouraged them to restore peace and stability to communities around the country that are experiencing these problems.

The killings and abductions of many persons have been caused by these issues, he lamented.

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The fundamental goals of the military, according to Lagbaja, are the protection of the lives and property of allegiant citizens, the maintenance of the integrity of the nation’s borders, and the promotion of fairness and justice.

He emphasized that as Army leaders, it is our responsibility to make everyone aware that the current season is more complicated, unpredictable, and unclear than previous ones. Thus, in order to aid our beloved nation in surviving this period, we must maintain our adaptability, inventiveness, and readiness to assume more non-traditional military duties.

Lagbaja emphasized the importance of bolstering operational capabilities, improving intelligence gathering, prioritizing the welfare of personnel, fostering inter-agency cooperation, and respecting human rights as the troops and commanders go about their duties.

His key point was that everyone should be able to see how seriously he took the importance of professionalism, discipline, and human rights.

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According to Lagbaja, the soldiers’ contributions to world peace extended beyond only protecting the country.

He announced that on April 5, 2024, the second company of the Nigerian contingent in the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei was inducted, after the consent of Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief.

He assured them that their dedication to preserving international peace and security, especially in Africa, is the driving force behind the initiative.

The Nigerian Army has also sent soldiers and provided resources to aid in peacekeeping operations in Guinea-Bissau and The Gambia.

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The deployment, according to the COAS, demonstrates their unwavering dedication to contributing to international peace and security by supplying competent peacekeepers.

He gave the order to dedicate 5% of each estate’s Affordable Home Ownership Option for All Soldiers Scheme funds to these injured and disabled service members. This was done by the Managing Director of Post-Service Housing Development Limited.

He mentioned that the program was created to help soldiers with the challenge of finding homes after serving their country, and he promised that the Nigerian Army will pay for all of the housing costs for the soldiers.

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