I’ve improved Nigerian policing, according to former IGP Usman Baba

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Retired Mr. Usman Baba, the recently-past Inspector-General of Police (I-G), stated in Abuja on Wednesday that he has improved policing in Nigeria.

Baba added that he departed the Nigeria Police Force in a better state than when he arrived in 2021 for his job.

“As I leave the Force’s leadership today, I think I’ve left it in a better place than when I arrived.

“I believe that I have added value to policing in Nigeria,” stated Baba as he turned over power to Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, the recently appointed Acting I-G.

Upon being appointed, Baba claimed that he had set out to positively alter the perceptions of policing in Nigeria by outlining a clear vision and mission objectives.

The former I-G said he made a commitment to address the welfare issues facing active-duty and retired officers and improve the Force’s operational capability by acquiring vital operational assets.

The Marine and Air wings, the Special Forces, the Police Mobile Force, the Counterterrorism Unit, and the Special Protection Unit, he claimed, were among the special detachments of the Force that he also set out to realign.

He continued by saying that he also worked to strengthen the Force’s intelligence capabilities by advocating for the upgrade of the Technical Intelligence assets to the Cam Scanner.

“I am confident that consistent progress has been made toward achieving all parts of my pledge to alter policing narratives and reestablish the waning police primacy within the nation’s internal security architecture.

“We may not yet be there, but the paths have been clearly laid out, a solid foundation has been created, and enormous steps have been taken.

He emphasized, “These are for the incoming leadership to capitalize on in the pursuit of a better Police Force.

Baba praised the Nigeria Police family for their dedication, selflessness, and commitment to duty, noting that these qualities helped his administration achieve the majority of its goals and leadership ambitions.

He remarked, “I would especially like to thank the Force Management Team members for being strategic partners during my leadership path.

In response, President Bola Tinubu received praise from Acting I-G Egbetokun for the trust that was placed in him.

He claimed that his appointment served as a call to action and a chance to contribute to the president’s common purpose to protect the lives and well-being of Nigerians.

Egbetokun declared that the Nigeria Police Force would pursue excellence, openness, and accountability to restore public confidence.

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