Oluwo tells Nigerians to use carpooling and cycling to get rid of poverty

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Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, the Oluwo of Iwo, has told Nigerians that carpooling is a good way to save money on car care, especially on gas.

Oba Akanbi also said that the system is a backup plan for Nigerians who are having trouble paying for transportation because the fuel rebate was taken away.

The king of Osun asked Nigerians to accept the deal with trusted neighbors and friends.

In a statement released Thursday by his Chief Press Secretary, Alli Ibraheem, the royal father also said that people who can should be able to ride bikes and walk short distances.

He said that in modern countries, there is no class for learning how to ride a bike, and he asked Nigerians to help themselves with cost management.

“I’m asking the Nigerian government to move quickly on relief measures and pay raises for workers, and I’m also asking Nigerians to come up with short solutions like carpooling to help with the immediate effects of taking away the subsidies. Nigerians are facing a struggle because of the removal of the fuel subsidy. It has changed almost everything about our lives. As the father of the country, I will strongly recommend the option, especially for the middle class, which uses cars.

“Car pooling is when friends with similar weekly or monthly schedules decide to share a car. Instead of taking their own cars to work, the two or three of them can agree to use one person’s car for a week, another person’s car for the next week, and so on. This will save them money on gas. The same thing can be said about getting kids to school. With the deal, people can get used to the cost of transportation with less trouble.

“We can sometimes use bikes for short distances. Everyone, no matter what class, can ride a bike. Even in advanced countries, a lot of great people ride bikes to work. Some people will choose to walk a shorter distance. Walking and riding a bike are better for your health. Nigerians need to get a grip. Let’s both face the truth so we can both enjoy the sweet end.

“Even rich Nigerians should get into the sportsmanship mood. Many people will pay the man on the bike every day to take their kids to school. People who are wealthy and have cars can help the kids of their friends who go to the same or closest schools.

“It makes sense that Nigerians are having a hard time. President Ahmed Tinubu had good intentions. I’m sure he’ll help us out of our troubles and make this country great. Let’s be patient. “When the pain goes away, we’ll laugh,” he said.

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