NMA advises FG to reverse “no work, no pay” policies for medical staff members

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The Federal Government should reconsider its intentions to implement “No work, no pay” for medical personnel, according to the FCT Chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA-FCT), which also warned that the move will further devastate the industry.

The organization issued the invitation to usher in the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Scientific Conference of the NMA-FCT during a news conference on Sunday in Abuja in partnership with the Nasarawa and Kogi states chapters.

The National Association of Residents Doctors (NARD) strike is still going on, hence the Federal Government’s suggestion was rejected by Dr. Charles Ugwuanyi, Chairman of NMA-FCT.

Ugwuanyi claims that if the government moves forward with the proposal, it will exacerbate the perceived healthcare issue of a shortage of physicians, as most of them have already left the nation.

He claimed that NARD was merely fighting for its legal rights and that its actions were intended to keep the doctors in the nation who were eager to continue serving their patients.

He emphasized that the government must find a means to encourage doctors to remain in the country because there are now fewer than 25, 000 registered practicing doctors in Nigeria.

Additionally, the NMA-FCT Chairman urged all levels of government to prioritize worker safety.

The association expressed its condolences to the Lagos State Government on the death of Dr. Vwaere Diaso, a young female doctor, who passed away in a lift due to a technical malfunction.

“The majority of us are wearing black because we are supporting our friends and family at the NMA Lagos State Branch, which is not a far-fetched explanation.

“As you are aware, news of a tragic incident involving a young doctor who was on duty and stuck in an elevator for one week has been widely reported in the media.

We want to convey a message to the world even though we are all in mourning and praying for the souls of all the faithfully departed.

“We at the NMA are in fact dissatisfied with the subpar working circumstances that, in this case, led to the passing of this young talent with a promising future.

“We are requesting that the appropriate authorities—government at various levels governing the various hospitals—take workplace safety seriously.

He emphasized, “We urge all of our members around the nation to convey this message to the various levels of government.

The planned no work, no pay policy was also criticized by Dr. Peter Attah, Chairman of the Committee of State Chairmen of the NMA, who claimed that it would not be successful and would instead cause the delivery of healthcare services to fall apart.

In the interest of the healthcare industry, Attah, who also serves as the Chairman of the NMA’s branch in Nasarawa State, urged for communication between the association and the government.

“We encourage the government to reconsider its decision and to engage in conversation because we are disappointed in the strategy and direction the FG is actually adopting on the issue. NARD’s demands are pertinent.

Because they are our members, and we won’t tolerate any of our members being victimized, he stated, “The 36 states Chairmen and FCT are fully giving our backing and support to the NARD struggle. We will continue to remain with them.”


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