Motor parks planned for residential complexes cause alarm among FCT residents

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The approval of vehicle parks to be established and operated within the Karsana District of Abuja by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has caused residential estate residents to fear.
According to reports, the FCT Transportation Secretariat recommended that the motor parks be built and operated by FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, who reportedly gave the go-ahead.

A commercial company will be in charge of the vehicle parks for the first five years, as stated in the contract that was awarded by the FCT Transportation Secretariat.

There is an option to renew the contract after the first five years.

In response to the news, locals in two of Karsana District’s most prominent estates—Mab Global Estate and Queens Estate—voiced their displeasure that the minister, who had previously promised to combat insecurity in the FCT, had disregarded their safety concerns when he gave the go-ahead to install motor parks in their neighborhoods.

They told reporters on Monday that they are worried the proposed vehicle parks will bring criminals and kidnappers to their neighborhood.

Mr. James Adebayo, a local landowner, recalled a kidnapping that occurred in the neighborhood in November 2023 involving the wife of a permanent secretary and the payment of a ransom of N100 million to the captors.

He brought up the fact that locals are worried the car park will entice all sorts of crooks, jeopardizing their safety and the safety of their property even more.

He strongly suggested that the minister reconsider and revoke the license to operate the car parks.

On the other hand, some locals are suspicious about the legitimacy of the motor parks deal because the permission letter is from May 25, 2023—just four days before the presidency of former President Muhammadu Buhari comes to a close.

Please be informed that your company has been approved to manage the temporary off-street parking at Karsana East for a period of five years. This decision was made by Mabglobal, Queens Estates, FCT, Abuja, and is being communicated to the private firm that will be operating the motor parks.

The Secretary of the Transportation Secretariat has the authority to renew your engagement as a manager for the duration mentioned above.

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) must approve any structures that are to be built at the park.

“The attached conditions shall govern this engagement in all respects.”

While the vehicle parks were approved near the conclusion of the previous administration, it was rumored that Wike, upon becoming minister of the FCT, accepted and authorized the project’s take-off.

The affected estates’ occupants, according to Adebayo, have decided to lodge grievances with the FCT minister in the hopes of reversing the situation.

There have been concerns raised about the motor parks’ approval, thus the FCT Transportation Secretariat has called a meeting with estate representatives on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, in an effort to resolve these concerns.

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