Members of the Kano APC want Bashir Ahmad penalized for leaving the party to attend the World Cup in Qatar

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APC supporters in Kano have urged the party’s leadership to act swiftly and harshly against President Muhammadu Buhari’s adviser, Bashir Ahmad, for what they claim to be his disrespect for the party’s advancement.

The party’s members charged Bashir Ahmad with choosing to travel to far-off Qatar to attend the World Cup final while the group was battling to win Kano and Nigeria in general.

Ahmad’s problem warrants concern, Alhaji Samani Inuwa, a party leader from Gaya Local Government, and other party members informed reporters.

We find it incomprehensible that Bashir Ahmad chose to be in Qatar when we were in Kano’s Gaya Local Government kicking off the party’s campaigns for governor and other positions, he added.

“APC would not likely win any elective posts if every member of the Party behaved as Bashir did. As a result, a punishment should be swiftly imposed on him to serve as a deterrence to others.”

In a similar spirit, the party officials praised Governor Abdullahi Ganduje for overseeing the calm launch of the gubernatorial campaigns in Gaya, reiterating their confidence that the APC will triumph in Kano despite the odds favoring opponents like Bashir Ahmad.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s adviser on online media, Bashir Ahmad, posted a picture of himself watching the World Cup in a stadium in Qatar. The message sparked criticism after party members criticized his terrible move.

At the time this story was filed, Ahmad could not be reached.

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