Marafa accuses the Zamfara government of handling the murder of her associate

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All Progressives Congress (APC) chairman and senator Kabiru Marafa has demanded that the government of Zamfara State find and punish those guilty for the deaths of his fellow party members.

Marafa said that the killing of his associates was not the result of an altercation with other people but rather was carried out by members of the Community Protection Guards, CPG.

Marafa demanded that justice be done, stating that the death of Alhaji Mogaji Lawali should not have been in vain.

I disagree with the assertion that my associate Alhaji Magaji Lawali died in a clash or skirmish between various groups or individuals, even though I am pleased to hear that the Zamfara State Government, via the office of the Secretary to the State Government, intends to undertake a comprehensive investigation into what happened.

The state government deserves praise for forming the Community Protection Guards (CGP) to address insecurity in the state, but Marafa emphasized that the government must take all necessary measures to remove corrupt individuals, criminals, and agents of evil from the group.

Although he was pleased that the state government had launched an investigation, he was worried about efforts to change the facts surrounding the murders.

According to Marafa, the government’s first accounts mischaracterized the incident as a clash between the CPG and the banned Yansakai group.

The state administration made two announcements in under 24 hours, asserting that the victim died in the altercation, in an apparent attempt to alter the narratives.

There was a press statement made by the state commissioner of information and culture on February 14, 2024, and another one from the office of the SSG on February 13, 2024.

An earlier altercation in the Tsafe Local Government Area allegedly involved members of the community Protection Guards and banned Yansakai group members, according to their first statement. One person’s untimely demise was a direct outcome of this episode. Conflict between the two groups is known to the authorities.

Today, February 14, the Zamfara state commissioner of information and culture released a second statement in which they denounced the CPG/Yansakai classes in the TSAFE constituency. Once again, the government used the term “clash between two groups” to describe the event.

“The two releases are nothing but a desperate effort to change the narratives of what happened,” he added to the statement.

He demanded an impartial investigation into the crime’s perpetrators so that they would face justice.

The senator stressed the significance of providing security without resorting to political vengeance or witch hunts and urged the government to purge the CPG of criminals.

In a public statement, he urged the state administration to investigate the matter thoroughly and punish those responsible.

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